Increase Conversions

increase conversions

Converting shoppers to buyers is the holy grail of selling, and helping shoppers quickly find products and information is crucial. According to FitForCommerce experts, “ Today’s consumer expects rich content that is associated in meaningful ways with product information, attributes and images. Websites that can meet these expectations experience higher conversion rates.”

Reduce Costs

reduce costs

Who likes building, maintaining, updating and enhancing an eCommerce database? It’s time consuming and expensive. So are costs from site abandonment, product returns, and calls for help. That’s where Altius can help, as an expert resource and staff complement for the most demanding product database projects.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

improve customer satisfaction

A key to satisfaction is easily finding products and the information needed to decide to buy on your website. Altius helps by developing, organizing and enriching the product database for fast site search and navigation.

Product Data Services

product data services

We will work to intuitively link related products and create a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience through the following product data services:

eCommerce Data Optimization

ecommerce data optimization

Our rich product data is optimized for faster search, comprehensive presentation, linked products and successful sales. eCommerce Data Optimization services include:

Data Migration & ETL

data migration

ALTIUS can bring suppliers onboard quickly and efficiently, and transform data from one system to another to make eCommerce data migration and system integration seamless. Our services include:

  • Database Migration
  • Data Upload & ETL
  • Supplier On-boarding
  • Marketplace Upload Management
  • Platform Services

Let’s talk about how we can make your eCommerce database great by getting shoppers to your products faster and by presenting all the information they need to buy.

We have worked with most of the popular eCommerce and PIM applications used today. Including….


We can make your eCommerce database great! We can help you…
  • Make site search and navigation faster
  • Provide all the information needed to make a purchase
  • Upselling and cross-sell products
  • Improve number and quality of product images
  • Cleanup, migrate and merge legacy data